Ask The Coach Show #89 - Waldner Back in Action

8 years ago

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ITTF Legends Tour - 1:05

The ITTF Legends Tour Ignites Ping Power in Halmstad

Yesterday’s #PQOTD - 5:23

Is red really faster? Which colour do you use on your forehand?

#PQOTD - 7:01

What playing conditions make a difference for you? Floors, lights, table?

Reverse Backhand Serve - 7:26

Johan: Are there any potential downsides to Reverse Backhand serve? I find it  easier to play short with spin than normal backhand serve. People just stare at you like "what the hell did you just do?" if you start with a long and fast serve like that.

Rubber Foam - 9:35

Ben: I was at a tournament a few years ago and saw people from new york putting some kind of foam on the rubber blade of the paddle and using a a special sponge to help the rubber more slick, what exactly is it?

Slow Topspin Against a Sharp Push - 11:31

Charankamal: How do you hit a topspin on a sharp push and how to make it spinny and slow?

Spin with Short Pimples - 14:44

Andrej: I tried two different short pimples out rubbers, both of which are said to generate spin. While I'm aware that there can never be as much spin as with inverted, with my usual technique I wasn't able to get any amount of topspin on the ball.

Practicing the Forehand Counterhit - 16:49

Bhaswar: while doing the forehand -forehand counterhit with my friends the ball sometimes becomes too low or goes though the middle of the table .i cannot hit it with the same speed and drop it on the same place..and where do i stand near the table to it the best?

Can Waldner Win? - 18:25

Brock: Do you think Waldner can win the Legends Tour?

Returning a Smash - 19:02

Jaydon: When I return a slam, is it better to slam back or just to do a backhand topspin?

Upgrading Your Bat - 20:29

Jaydon: If I upgrade my bat, what is the best part to upgrade?

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