Ask The Coach Show #81 - How Does Speed Affect Spin?

9 years ago

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Previous #PQOTD - 0:46

Who is hungriest for the World Championships 2015?

#PQOTD  - 1:59

Should the ITTF put in place stricter rules to stop ex Chinese players playing for different countries?

Discussion - 2:24

Safir Open and Qatar Open

Crying Player - 9:43

Nigel: I was umpiring a junior match between a boy and a girl about 10-13 years old. The girl won the first game and the boy the second after that the girl came out crying, this seemed to put the lad off . How should you handle this sort of situation?

Counter Long Spin Serve - 11:23

Ernest: Is a topspin stroke the most effective way to counter a long serve? Are there any strokes to return long serve? Maybe you can suggest to me another way to return long serve effectively.

Speed and Spin - 13:27

Kaustubh: How does speed affect spin and vice versa?

Blocking a Sidespin Loop - 16:07

Brock: How can I block a loop with backspin and sidespin on it? The tall guy started doing this last time. How can I block it? I can block normal loops.

Improving Balance - 18:42

Bhaswar: What are the exercises that we can do to improve our movement and balance while playing table tennis?

Counter Heavy Topspin - 19:30

Lukas: What's the best way to counter a really heavy topspin?

Best Ever - 20:47

Bhaswar: Who is the best table tennis player ever?

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