Ask The Coach Show #80 - Choosing your serves

9 years ago

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Yesterday’s #PQOTD - 0:53

What are the critical factors for running a successful club?

#PQOTD  - 9:11

Who is hungriest for the World Championships 2015?

Brock vs Tall Guy - 9:32

Brock: I played with the tall guy earlier today and he won 2-0 in matches, match 1: 21- 15 and Match 2: 21-17 so I'm really close now and I think I might beat him next week :) just so you know ;)

Stopping the attack - 10:05

Daniel Lim: I recently played a player who had a very strong and accurate third ball attack and lost badly. Are there any general tips you could give to discourage or even prevent a third ball attack from an opponent?

Cutting rubber - 13:02

Daniel Coto: I am able to glue the rubber correctly to the blade, but I am having nightmares getting a clean cut. I've seen people cut the sponge with the first motion and then the sheet with the second pass. I don't know what knife I should use.

Serve choices - 15:33

Geoff: I have settled on the backhand serve for my "bread and butter" serve as it is successful. If my other serve is the tomahawk serve, the sidespin element on all my services would be in the same direction.  Do you feel like this a drawback?

Contact point on your bat - 18:03

Phil: For maximum topspin should you contact the ball with the top half or bottom half of the paddle?

Fake Rubbers - 19:30

Christopher: What is your experience with fake blades/rubbers?

Returning with Backhand - 20:24

Sasha: I have got a tournament on Sunday and I am concerned about an opponent's serve. He does a sidespin backspin serve to my forehand, I can't topspin. Should I play the backhand from the forehand corner.

Stronger Wrist - 22:24

Brock: If I would train my wrist and forearm in a gym, would I get more spin then?

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