Ask The Coach Show #61 - When to Move for Receiving

9 years ago

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Yesterday's   #PQOTD   - 1:10

What are the most important muscles in Table Tennis?

#PQOTD   - 2:47

Are video games helpful or damaging for your Table Tennis?

Question 1 - 3:06

How can I improve my smashes? Do you know some tips? Brock

Question 2 - 4:19

I am always losing my temper while playing against rally players. They change their game often and I find it hard to guess their next move. Any suggestions on how to keep focus when playing  long rallies? Ruthvik

Question 3 - 6:47

From the ready position what is the exact point of time I should take my body up for the stroke on a service of the opponent. Is it the moment he contacts or after his contact with the ball or during the time it is between his racket and net?  Singaraju

Question 4 - 10:35

Do you think it is more beneficial to play with someone slightly better than yourself, or slightly worse? Someone not as good would give opportunities to work on technique. Someone slightly better would force you to be more focused and work hard. Dakota

Question 5 - 13:15

When someone loop against me, what angle should I use to block it? Brock

Question 6 - 15:40

I often have problems returning high spinny loops - it seems these are sometimes impossible to block. Recently I tried to smash them instead and it seemed to work better. but the position to the ball must be exactly right, which isn't easy either. Andrej

Question 7 - 18:29

What kind of pendulum serve should I learn first?

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