Show #174 - Elbow Position for Serving

8 years ago

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Men’s World Cup - 0:58

We discuss the results and announce the winner of our competition.

Last #PQOTD - 5:20

How many times have you hit a "round the net” shot?

#PQOTD - 7:37

Who can break the Chinese domination?

This Day in History - 8:00

Australian Goldrush!

What to Practice? - 9:30

Ilia: I'm used to do a lot of footwork in my training. But when I face better players, I lose mostly due to my sloppy receive, 3rd, 4th ball attack skills. Is it good idea to abandon footwork for a while and dedicate 100% of the time to serve & receive drills?

Serving Elbow Position - 11:34

Eugene: What is the serving elbow position? Should I lock my elbow in the same position throughout the serve? Because I have a habit of lifting my arm up as on toss the ball up.

Improving Reaction Time - 13:40

Sutthikan: How do I improve my body reaction faster to hit the ball and make my eye catch up to the ball?

Topspin v Sidespin Contact - 16:17

Il: I have a problem with getting more topspin instead of sidespin topspin. I don't know how to brush the ball on the contact with the wrist - with straight line or closed (rounded contact)?

Soft Sponge vs Hard Sponge - 18:20

Ilia: Does the sponge hardness affect amount of spin you can generate on the serve? What gives more spin: soft or hard sponge?

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