Ask The Coach Show #132 - No Practice Partner

8 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:21

What have been the best and worst rule changes in the last 20 years?

#PQOTD - 3:41

What is the single most important muscle for Table Tennis?

Throwback Thursday - 4:08

Practicing Alone

Topspin The Movie - 6:15

Today Jeff received a signed ball from Michael Landers the 2009 US Open Champion. Michael stars in the movie which follows Michael, Ariel Hsing, and Lily Zhang as they try to reach the London Olympics.

All out Power? - 8:16

Ilia - If I serve short and my opponent pops up the ball, should I go for a forehand kill applying 110% of my power? Or I should restrict my speed? What is better for my long-term development?

Sidespin Topspin Penhold - 11:14

Jeffrey: How do you do the side sweeping forehand stroke to generate top + side spin, so the ball is going 'inside out' with penhold.

Adjusting the Bat Angle - 13:38

Michael: Hi coach, I need to know do I adjust the bat angle with the wrist or through the finger pressure with my thumb and index finger?

Switching to Backhand - 16:20

Sameera: When i switch from forehand to backhand the forehand is correct but I tend to keep the angle of the bat slightly open on the backhand rather than keeping it in a neutral or closed position.This leads to hitting the ball off the table.

One Side or Two - 19:18

Mindrover: Is it always better to attack or to have a balanced game? like wang liqin who used to attack all the time, and we have have zhang jike who has a balanced type of play who attacks when the opportunity arises? but both are multiple world champions.

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