Ask The Coach Show #128 - Men v Women

8 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:29

How long have you been playing Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 3:35

Will you get a chance to play Table Tennis this weekend?

Ball Toss - 4:13

Il: Is there a moment of pressing with palm or any part of the thumb just before throwing the ball in the air at service ? Is there techniques( hold-ball-palm) for more precise accurate throwing the ball?

Men v Women - 7:38

Marv: I am wondering how much difference there is between the best men players and the best women players.

Adapting - 10:38

Romeo: Let’s say I am able to defeat person A. Person A is much stronger than person B. So it means I can probably defeat person B, right? Well, I lost. So, I asked myself; "How do I defeat this kind of player?". The answer then popped into my mind. Adapt.

Training v Matches - 12:52

Johnny: I was wondering, which is better, more time in training with my coach or more time playing matches? I currently only have one hour of training each week, but play a lot more matches.

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