Ask The Coach Show #120 - Ma Long v Waldner

7 years ago

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Yesterday's #PQOTD - 1:02

What do you think about the new rule that from after the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics, you will be able to coach between points?

#PQOTD - 2:58

If Ma Long were to play Waldner when he was at his best, who would win?

Drill of the Week - 4:13

X’s & H’s

New Racket - 6:12

Shiva: I used to play with a cheap ready made racket of gki of $20. Now I've purchased xiom vega pro on FH and sriver on my BH on friendship 729 bomb . But changing my racket has improved my game a bit . I had expected my game to improve a lot.

Drop Shot - 9:53

Thijs: This would typically be a move for Waldner but I really want to know how to do the surprise dropshot right past the net when my opponent is far away trying to lob. I can't seem to get the ball to bounce twice. any hints or tricks how he does it?

How Much Training? - 12:23

Jaydev: I practice 3 hours per day on weekdays, and 5 hours per day on weekends. I wish to work as hard as possible till the tournaments start, then, I will have the assurance that now, I have to rely on my training. Should I continue in this way?

Second Forehand - 15:20

Charankamal: When I hit the first topspin my partner returns the ball to the backhand or at extreme forehand and i can’t return it. How can I develop fast reflexes to return the ball and if by chance I reach to the ball then the ball goes out of the table.

How to Attack a Long Fast Serve - 18:49

Can you give me some advice on how to attack a fast long serve. There is this guy that I play with who always does the same fast and long serve, just alters where he aims the serve.

Ma Long - 21:46

Brock: Ma Long is the best player right now, I want to see Ma Long vs Waldner one more time

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