Ask The Coach Show #12 – Playing Hard Bat Players

9 years ago

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Question 1 - 0:30

I play inverted and will play against a hard bat penhold player. He has no problem hitting through chops, and various spins. What I find most difficult is returning his general shots. I hit many balls into the net. Any suggestions? Bob Van Deusen

Question 2 - 2:46

There is an attacking shot in badminton called dropshot from the rear court. I haven't seen it in table tennis where one player is away from the table, slows down shortly before contact so the ball drops short. Is it possible in table tennis? Peter Habich

Question 3 - 5:18

Being not a terribly strong guy, I’ve always preferred blades on the lighter side. Recently I switched to one which weighs only 5 grams less, and the difference is remarkable. I can’t be sure yet which to prefer, so what's your view on this? Andrej K

Question 4 - 6:30

My issue is that I'm practicing drills mostly at the club with ITTF standard sized tables and the one at my office is one that lays on top of a billiards table, which is about 9cm higher. How I can adjust my strokes so that I can perform better? Gregory S

PingSkillers Question of the Day - 9:08

Tomahawk or Pendulum?

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