Ask The Coach Show #117 - The World Championships

8 years ago

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World Championships - 0:40

Fang Bo on the Rampage

Last #PQOTD - 14:10

What is your favourite Drill?

#PQOTD - 15:11

What have you learned from the World Championships so far?

Slow Spinny Topspin - 16:46

Ilia: How to adjust start, finish positions and racket speed to make a slow spinny backhand topspin against backspin, not an aggressive one? And which version should be learned first?

Tall Guy - 19:11

Brock: I played with the Tall Guy one final time and I owned him with 21-14 and 21-12. I feel unstopible now ;)

Start and Finish Positions - 19:33

Brock: Hey PingSkills I beat my new rival :) But I am wondering, Is the start and finish position important when doing strokes?

Xu Xin vs Fang Bo - 20:41

Leeman: How do you guys feel about Xu Xin losing to Fang Bo? Xu Xin was keeping up until the edge ball at the end.

Most Popular Sport - 25:20

Table Tennis becomes the sport played in most countries - 222

Coaching Rule Change - 27:00

Coaches are going to be able to give advice during a game

Standing Square On - 31:31

Daniel: 1st,OMG JIKE/XU XIN v. Long/Ball had my heart pumping! Ok.I noticed that my back is more sore after playing.But not in an injured way.Still, watching the Chinese-they seem to keep their feet relatively square 9 times out of 10 & use more legs & back. True?

Returning Sidespin Serves - 33:55

Kaushik: I have a problem with sidespin service. Sometimes an opponent gives the ball both sidespin and topspin and sometimes backspin and sidespin and also vary the length of the ball making it very difficult to return the service. How do I return it?

Backhand Smash - 36:02

Ubaid: How far from the table should I stand while backhand smashing? When I  stand far from table I make a fast smash but mostly i fail because i can’t hit the ball accurately. When standing closer makes a fine shot but slow. What should I do?

Hitting without the Bat - 38:11

James: If the bat hits the ball over the net while at the same time the bat is dropped during the swing, is the ball still in play? Secondly, the player can't reach so he intentionally swings and lets the bat leave his hand. Are these illegal?

Long Pips Coming Off - 39:39

Mark: I have a sheet of long pips. My index finger kept  brushing against the pips and eventually started to peel the sheet off. I took some scissors and cut the pips as close to the rubber as possible.  Is this legal or should I cut off the whole rubber?

Attacking Fast and Spinny Serves - 41:54

Dave: Attacking long fast and very spinny serves on both back hand and forehand, what is the best tactic?

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