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Paul Unknown

Paul Unknown Asked 13 years ago


I have a problem with placement. There are a lot of player where I play that use placement much more often then speed or spin. I tried to work more on my placement and it did not really work because I was creating more attacking opportunities for them than procision strokes for myself. I have found that the most effective way for me to beat them is to constantly attack to force them to play defensively so they have hard time controlling the boll and if not first topspin then second gets through. My forehand topspin seemed to be most effective weapon and after you posted latest videos I added backhand topspin (which helped me a lot). The problem is that because of my poor placement skill I pretty much don't aim topspin and hit it to anywhere on the table. Of course I screw up often but still it's more effective then precision playing. What would you say, should I concentrate on my attacking skill more or try to get placement working first?
Thanks, Pavel.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Pavel,

I would say work on getting the stroke going properly.  Then you can refine the skill to be able to place it where you want.

Something you can do to help both is while you are practising your strokes, put a target on the table and see if you can hit it. This will help with your pacement.  While you are doing this you can also switch your attention back to your stroke as well.

Great to hear that the videos are helping.  Keep it up.

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