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andrew streng

andrew streng Asked 10 years ago

Is it best to save your time out for later in a match or take it earlier if you are losing?  For example if I am down 0-2 games and say it is tied 8-8 would a time out help me or maybe if I win the game and then the next game so it is 2-2 I would have a time out for the last game of the match.  Of course you cannot predict the future but it sure would be nice to have a timeout for your last game.

I have a hard time deciding when to call a let ball for interference.  If I see a ball rolling from another table towards my table sometimes I keep playing and sometimes I call the let.  However it seems like the times I keep playing I miss my shot, yet sometimes when I call the let I had just made a great shot but now it does not count.  any advice is appreciated



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Andrew,

I think you should call a timeout when you feel that the momentum is against you or if you feel that a break may help you.

Sometimes it can be that you are feeling mentally fragile and just need a little time to gather yourself.

If at 8 all in the 3rd game you are feeling unsure, then take the timeout because it may not get to the next game if you don't.

Regarding a let, I think as soon as you notice it you should call a let because it has interrupted your concentration.  In some cases where there are no barriers between the tables it is difficult to do this because you may never get a match finished.  In this case though you often learn to ignore the balls rolling in.

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andrew streng

andrew streng Posted 10 years ago

Ok thanks Alois,  I will read more on the Blog about timeouts.   Also I like the idea of learning to ignore balls rolling in near the table.  I do my best at club play not to call lets so I can practice focusing on just the play not on what is going on around me.  So at a  tournament I will not be as distracted.

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