When does the flick become substantially important

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Dakota Castleberg

Dakota Castleberg Asked 9 years ago

When does a strong pushing ability stop being enough? I've reached the point where a weak looping ability off backspin is by far the largest factor separating myself and the best guys at my club, and while looking over a post from February 2014 about flicks, I became curious as to at what point or what level is the flick the 'next' jump in skill progression? I don't know if anyone at my club really utilizes the flick, maybe just the top few. I understand it opens up the ability to attack the short balls instead of just defending it - is the flick something I should start working on right now, or leave it until i get my loop off backspin more developed? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Dakota,

I think the topspin off backspin is the critical thing for you now.  If you can get this right the game does become completely different.

The flick is certainly something that you can work on as well because your training session can be broken down into different skills.  However spend a greater amount of time at this stage on the topspin against backspin.

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