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David Samoilov

David Samoilov Asked 7 years ago

so yeah.. recently I have been introducing family members and friends to the game just casually asking them to join me and go play outside for fun.

Maybe its a bit odd to ask but how do you guys play games against new players do you let them have the point and fake missing.

I just want them to experience how fun table tennis is and playing against someone who is much better might.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi David,

An interesting dilemma.

I think it really depends on the person you are playing.  Some people like to be challenged and don't mind being flogged.  Others don't like that feeling and just want to have a hit.

What do others do?

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Arjan van Luttikhuizen

Arjan van Luttikhuizen Posted 7 years ago

you could challenge yourself by forcing yourself to move a lot - hit mostly backhands from your forehand corner and mostly forehands from your backhand corner. Just play slowly from close and mid distance and without much spin. This way when you do lose a point a new player can realistically say that it wasn't just because you let them have it.

Thomas Kunzfeld

Thomas Kunzfeld Posted 7 years ago

In that kind of situation I don´t focus on winning but on training something - there is always something...

And the most important aspect for me is that we both have fun and enjoy playing.


Temitope Ogunsanya

Temitope Ogunsanya Posted 7 years ago

You try to learn on something new for yourself either by chopping and receiving at the back of the net , low flink by the net etc...

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