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Enoch Oppong

Enoch Oppong Asked 7 years ago

Hi Alois and Jeff

I recently had a tournament and it was the best I had ever played in my life. I came across a very familiar opponent in my past. In the last tournament I had he beat 3-1 in each set it was close particularly the last set he beat me 16-14. In the recent tournament I had I beat him 3-0. I felt amazing afterwards because I also won my group. So my question is Alois and Jeff what was your biggest win ever?

Thanks Enoch Oppong

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Enoch,

Well done.  I am not sure about my best win… perhaps against that Italian...

Would be interesting to hear about other PingSkillers best wins.

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Enoch Oppong

Enoch Oppong Posted 7 years ago

Thanks for the reply. Jeff what is your biggest win?

Dakota Castleberg

Dakota Castleberg Posted 7 years ago

I haven't played in a tournament yet, but over my winter break I had a chance to play an opponent at the club who was better then me, and he beat me 3-0. None of the games were close, the most points I won in a set was 4 or 5, and a few of those points were because he went for a few drives that were lower then he would usually attempt.

After that, I went back to college. I started the club at my school, and practiced multiple times a week with the club members. I knew that I had increased my consistency, but it was hard to tell my level of progress because I was the best out of guys at school from the start.

After two months, spring break came around, and I had the chance to play at the club again back home. I warmed up and played against a few other guys at the club I was familiar with, and realized there was already a substantial difference in the results, compared to when I was there in the winter. At some point that night, the same guy who had bested me 3-0 asked if I wanted to play against him. Warming up with him, I began remembering the results of our last match. I kept it in mind, but was very much curious to see how far my recent progress would get me.

The first game: I served, and the point carried out. Another point. And then another. When I paused to analyze the situation of the game, it was 9-5. I was leading. I stayed focused and won the first game without much worry.

The second and third game progressed much the same way. It wasn't that he was playing poorly, but that I was playing smarter. Instead of just focusing on returning his serve, I realized I was focusing on WHERE to place my serve return. What a huge change from the last time we faced off. My pushing was also much more controlled, as I was able to prevent him from hitting strong drives point after point like he was able to before.

I took him 3-0. Not only was I surprised with the results of my practicing at school, but HE was astonished as well. It was a wondering feeling seeing the hours of practice and focus and dedication pay off. As of this moment, this has been my biggest win.

After spring break ended, I have been back at school practicing as much as I can fit into my college schedule, and I have noticed further progress in this last month. There's still another month of classes before summer, and I expect I shall improve even more so by the time I return to the club again, looking to conquer the remaining adversity. 


D K Posted 7 years ago

My biggest "win" was probably this set with one codgar:


1.I served long backspin pendulum to his backhand,he made a higher spinny loop on the middleline,I tried to chop it,it popped extremely high and the codgar easily killed it (0:1)

2.I made the longpips short dead serve to his forehand,the codgar drived it into my uncovered forehand (0:2)

3.He made the sidespin topspin long serve to my forehand,I tried to chop it but missed the ball (0:3)

4.He repeated his serve but on my backhand,I chopped highly and the codgar  killed it into the net (1:3)

5.I attempted to make a short topspin pendulum in the middle but hit the edge of the table,so the ball popped up and landed on the opponent's half very close to the net,he killed it and i tried to chop it,but I hit it with my elbow (1:4)

6.Now I was succesful with my short topspin pendulum,he popped it high and I killed it-but into my table (1:5)

7.He made a backspin serve error (2:5)

8.Now he was succesful and sent a backspin long serve to my backhand,so I waved my bat and somehow delivered a longpips counterhit to his table,he reached it and threw back,I tried to make a short push but it was too short,so the ball ended in the net (2:6)

9.I made a longpips pendulum to his backhand,he chopped it to my forehand,I tried to push it but I hit it with edge of the bat (2:7)

10.I made a fast deadspin serve to his backhand,he tried to block it but it went into the net (3:7)

11.He made a topspin serve to my forehand,I chopped it and he tried to kill the high ball but into his table (4:7)

12.He made another topspin serve,I chopped it again but it popped up and landed in front of the net,on my table (4:8)

13.I copied his serve and won a direct point,he missed the ball (5:8)

14.I copied that serve again but a little more to the middle,he chopped it and I missed the high-popped ball in an attempt to kill it (5:9)

15.He angrily made a fast spinless serve to my backhand ,I chopped it back very shortly,he pushed it back and after longer short pushing war I missed the ball (5:10)

16.He made a sidespin serve error (6:10)

17.I made a fast sidespin serve,he threw it back form under the table,I tried to drive it but it landed next to the table (6:11)

This is probably my best result ever
The other sets in that match were 0:11 and 2:11

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