What is Mozart (Waldner) thinking?!

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Ji-Soo Woo

Ji-Soo Woo Asked 10 years ago

Hi Alois

There is a crazy point at 4:35 of this video between Waldner and Timo

This is one of those freaky points that you only see from the "Mozart of Table Tennis"...but what exactly is he doing/thinking in this point?

"If I hit the ball here, I expect Timo to hit the ball there.  Now if I stand up from my crouch and walk casually to the scorer's table mid-point and at exactly this pace, I should be at exactly the right place at the right time to hit a winner casually as I go by..."

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Ji-Soo,

I love the point.

Who ever knows how Waldner thinks.  I think in this case he had given up the point seeing Boll getting to the ball easily he thought "this is the most likely place that the ball is going to come to and let's hope that is where the ball comes".

With years of experience sometimes you just start to work out quite naturally where the ball is coming.

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Thoughts on this question

Jonathan Huynh

Jonathan Huynh Posted 9 years ago

that was brilliant! it was like he could sense the ball coming that way

mat huang

mat huang Posted 9 years ago

That was awesome

Omar Parra

Omar Parra Posted 9 years ago

It's amazing. How much can we learn from a gifted table tennis player like him, isn't it?

Jonathan Huynh

Jonathan Huynh Posted 9 years ago

i knew waldner was good, but not that good! What are some other famous points!?

Cloud Cledera

Cloud Cledera Posted 9 years ago

Waldner is the true Mozart of TT and years of experience maybe led him to this magnificent strategy. No wonder he is the REAL threat of China and true European Champion.

Ivo C.

Ivo C. Posted 9 years ago

i rwmember saive beating him.who else did?

Jonathan Huynh

Jonathan Huynh Posted 9 years ago

ma lin

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