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Vishwa Kalra

Vishwa Kalra Asked 10 years ago

hey ... thanks for giving your last tip for forehand smashes and it actually worked for me... and i'm now all set for participating in the tournament which is from 7-10 august... but i am facing another problem .. and this is about my racket.....

i am a shake-hand grip player .. and in the back-hand side, where i put my 1st finger... used to have a wet spot as my hands usually get sweated...  at the mid-end of my back hand, there forms a kind of wet spot and it usually does not clears while just wiping it up ....
so what should i do as it really face difficulties in-between the match as some of the balls contacts down there at that spot and that wet part of my racket doesn't spin that ball at all... and that's where i suffer...

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Vishwa,

Before a match try to cool your hands down by running them under some cold water.  During the game blow some air on your hands between each point. Each six points use a dry towel and dry your hands and bat.  This should keep it a bit more manageable.

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