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Aleksey Plotnikov

Aleksey Plotnikov Asked 8 years ago

Good afternoon. Your site is very convenient, I like it very much. That’s why I get a premium account.

Please give me a list of videos which have subtitles. 

Lot of video are have no subtitles. Are you going to do subtitles (at least in English) for it? 

In your site you have a part «ASK THE COACH» which includes subpart «Video answers». Are this videos unique or I can watch it in other part of the site?

I live in Russian Federation and I have some difficulties with a translation of the table tennis lessons. Can you send me vocabulary of table tennis slang and terms if you have it?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Aleksey,

Thanks for your kind words about the site.

We have just started doing translations of videos.  We have done about 30 videos so far.

#1 - Stroke Consistency
#2 - Topspin off Backspin
#3 - Consistent Combinations
Opponent falls down on the table
Positioning to return a smash
Footwork for a short ball
Introduction to Multiball
Basics of Multiball
Footwork Drills with Multiball
The Finish Position
How To Serve
The Most Important Skill
Forehand Counterhit
Backhand Push
Forehand Push
Backhand Topspin Against Block
Drop Shot off a Lob
Drop Shot off a Chop
Topspin to Topspin
Basic Stance
Footwork Basics
Backhand Smash
Keeping The Ball Low
Forehand Block
Forehand Smash
Forehand Flick
Counter a Slow Spinny Topspin
Sidespin Forehand Topspin
Penhold Techniques for Table Tennis
Forehand Chop
Backhand Chop
Choosing a Ball

The Ask the Coach video responses are only seen there.  They are made specifically to answer people’s questions.

We don’t have a list of slang terms as yet.

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