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Van Taggart

Van Taggart Asked 4 years ago

Alois and Jeff,

First, I would like to thank you both for all the incredible content that you provide for us. It is absolutely priceless. I began my journey into Table Tennis in late Dec. '16 and fortunately found your website from the very beginning. I bought a professional table from the '90's era and a robot. Unfortunately, there is only one club in the Kansas City area and there isn't much going on there other than a tournament once or twice a year. Fortunately, there are many Table Tennis players at my place of employment and we play several times a day and also have a few tournaments each year. I instantly began getting to work watching your videos, listening to your podcast (10 hours a day) and working my butt off at home. I practice at least an hour a day on my own and I am finally reaping the rewards of the power of practice. Thank you for your guidance! I am so grateful. I went from being one of the weakest players to just recently becoming one of the top players (and just so happens that I am the only player at work applying proper form to my game). My serves are the strongest in my workplace and I have the most solid forehand and backhand loops as well. My blocking is more of a work in progress but, I am giving that part of my game lots of attention and pray that I will become more solid in the near future. Now for my question. Alois, you turned me on to Waldner. THANK YOU!!! Your interest in Waldner peaked my attention and I had to find out what he was all about. He is my favorite Table Tennis Pro. I know that he is retired but am wondering if you might happen to know what he is up to now? Is he still an ambassador to the sport and do you know if he is just laying back and reaping the rewards of a lifetime of hard work? Thanks again for your guidance and the best coaching advice that I have studied to date. I am so very grateful. Thank you most of all for helping me become a huge fan of Waldner. His Donic Ultra Carbon is even my blade of choice. I love everything Waldner at this point. Take care, fellas. Best, -Van

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Van,

Thanks for your kind comments.  Great to hear that you are improving and that we are able to help.  As for Waldner, I am not sure what he is up to now... It is just great to be able to go back and watch his greatness on video isn't it...

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