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Last updated 9 years ago

ahmed mohamed

ahmed mohamed Asked 9 years ago

What is the training i should do to be a very good player? i train with my friend please i want to see video about training show me what i should do in training.

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 9 years ago

Hi Ahmed,

The first thing is to develop your strokes. Start with the forehand and backhand counterhit and see how many you can get on in a row. Then you can move onto the forehand and backhand push. Again try to improve your consistency by seeing how many shots you cam make without an error.

As for your training, it is good to structure your sessions. I recommend using this Training Plan (PDF) template. We also have a Training Drills document that lists a lot of useful exercises that you can use in your training.

For our premium members we have a whole course called Training Secrets.

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