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Dakota Castleberg

Dakota Castleberg Asked 7 years ago

One of my buddies would like to get better, but is a tennis player at heart, and so his table tennis very much reflects his tennis swing. He likes to stand back from the table and make a big swooping loop most of the time. As he likes to be back from the table it leaves him very open to well placed angled shots and drop shots.

i was curious if you have attempted to help people develop their own style with specific drills for their technique, or recommend that they begin to learn proper form if they want to get better. My buddy is also quite stubborn about sticking with his current form of okay, so I was hoping you have had experience with these types of players.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Dakota,

I think there is room for some individuality with styles but the basics need to remain the same.  The Chinese are so good because their technique is flawless.

When thinking about your friend, the first thing that has to happen is that he wants to change.  If not then I have found it is difficult to make any progress.

The best thing is to improve your own game and show him the benefits by doing that.  Then he may change this attitude.

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Dakota Castleberg

Dakota Castleberg Posted 7 years ago

Okay sounds good,  I'll just have to embarrass him badly enough so he will accept proper form is the right way to go haha.

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