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Leif Djurhuus

Leif Djurhuus Asked 11 months ago


I remember something about you working together with trainerbot on making your videos work on trainerbot. This is a part of the reason i bought into it.

Is this still on; and do you know these guys ?

They have postponed the shipment so many times now, that i am getting nervous for my investment.. :(

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 months ago

Hi Leif,

It has been a while.

I contacted them recently and they are still working on it.  They have had an issue with one of the plastic pieces and are wanting to get this right before releasing it.  They are genuinely wanting to get something good before sending it out.

I know it has been a long process, longer than we expected but I think you will get something good out of it.

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Rohan I am

Rohan I am Posted 11 months ago

Leif, I've been in contact with them directly and I'm convinced it is just a matter of these guys being totally quality-focused (to a level way beyond most 'name' manufacturers). They don't want a single failure or single poor investor/customer experience and have set very high performance standards for each and every component.  Some of their suppliers have struggled to deliver to those standards and they have had to go through additional R&D and occasionally source new suppliers entirely. 

I think the end result will be (by a big margin) the best quality, best value for money TT robot on the market under $1,500, so worth the wait.  I made the mistake of not being an investor :( so am envious.  Enjoy it when you get it.


Leif Djurhuus

Leif Djurhuus Posted 11 months ago

Hope you are right!!

But in my opinion they have allready made a big mistake in relation to investor/customer, by postponing it so long (years!!).

No product is perfect; and if perfection is their mindset, they can continue perfecting for many years to come.

They come of as dishonest with the continous postponing of deadlines they have set themselves.

When they started, they were groundbreaking; now there is that is coming out soon.

You write that: I made the mistake of not being an investor :( so am envious.

You can still be an investor, at so no need to envy me :)

I have asked for a refund; but the deny - but they say though, that if i know anyone who is interested, trainer-bot can transfer the investment to them.

You are more than welcome to take over my investment; they can facilitate it (payment, delivery-adress change etc.)!!!





Rohan I am

Rohan I am Posted 11 months ago

I might have taken you up on that Leif ... if only you hadn't posted the link to Tennirobo.

Thanks for the link btw ;-)

Leif Djurhuus

Leif Djurhuus Posted 11 months ago

@ Alois

Thanks for your answer; that makes me more calm :)


@ Rohan I am

My fault :)

Anyway, they are both very interesting, on paper.

I dont think the tennirobo is a crowfunding thing - So best choice is to have some patience and wait for one of them to hit the market; and then see reviews...

Sergey Vasyliev

Sergey Vasyliev Posted 3 months ago

Here is the thread on the forum about TenniRobo - it is good not only om a paper :-)

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