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Rama Camatchee

Rama Camatchee Asked 9 years ago


My topspin is medium to fast  and quite effective . However, it sometimes land in the net as its quite low and not that much of arc. Recently, I saw this post on you-tube whereby some players train with a net on top of the net (raising the net).

This is quite strange as there is a big risk of the ball going off the table on the opponent side or too high and slow, any good player can attack.

However, once I played against a player and his spin is very slow and high but when it hits the table the ball just goes fast and to my far left/ right ( the break leg) depending on his wrist motion.

Can you shed some light on this technique and how to perform the twist in the wrist and finally is that effective.



Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 9 years ago

Hi Rama,

That is an interesting way to practice. I've never seen that before. I think this could be a good variation to use occasionally in your training. I wouldn't use it regularly but I can see it forcing you to concentrate on getting lots of topspin on the ball. This could be an effective way to get players to learn the brushing contact. I wouldn't think that the point is to get players to always use a slow spinny topspin, but that stroke can be effective depending on your opponent. As you mention, you have experienced how it can be difficult to return this type of ball.

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