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Marcin Lonak

Marcin Lonak Asked 1 year ago

hello Coaches,

A Topspin ball kicks sometimes high up and sometimes low. My question is, why and under what circumstances is the ball doing one or the other?

thank you

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago

Hi Marcin,

Sometimes it is just the high rotation that makes it kick forward more than up on the bounce.  The rotation kicks it forward.  If it has slower rotation it will kick up and forward.

The trajectory of the ball also influences the bounce.  If the stroke has a high arc it is more likely to bounce up as it is coming down to the table.  The lower trajectory will tend to make it kick forward.

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Marcin Lonak

Marcin Lonak Posted 6 months ago

Thank you very much. You are a great help.

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