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Dakota Castleberg

Dakota Castleberg Asked 8 years ago

Hey Alois and Jeff,

You had a similar question in one of your recent shows, but I am hoping this is different -

With a push that would bounce of the end of the table, if being in position isn't an issue, what is the difference in brushing/contact and arm speed if attempting to topspin the ball while it is still over the table (since you would have to use a more horizontal stroke) compared to the contact if you let the ball come further towards you which would allow for a more vertical stroke?

For me it seems much easier allowing for a more vertical topspin shot, but it also seems like there are substantial benefits from being able to topspin with more forward momentum.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Dakota,

If the ball is over the table you need to have a more horizontal swing so that you don’t hit the table with you racket.  Therefore you also need a faster contact to provide enough friction to lift the backspin and get it over the net.

If the ball does come off the end of the table it is a much easier stroke to play as you can make the stroke more vertical.

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