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Edmund Wong

Edmund Wong Asked 12 years ago

Hi Coach,

Thanks for the other reply, it was very helpful. I was wondering about another problem though.

Just a few days ago i played a tournament and played many 5 setters, i win the first two sets and lose the next two, the fifth one i may or may not win.

I reckon i lose the 3rd and 4th set due to getting frustrated with a very bad shot played by me.

This happens quite often now, and wouldn't mind some tips on staying calm :) 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Alex,

Staying calm can be a difficult thing to do and is certainly a difficult thing to master.  Some ideas are to focus on your strategy for the next point.  Staying focussed on the ball during rallies and taking a long deep breath when you feel yourself starting get frustrated.

The other thing is to focus on the process of what you are doing rather than the result.  As I said, this can be a difficult task.

We will endeavour to make a DVD on Mental Preparation for Table Tennis.  This is a huge topis but try to use these simple tips first.

Also take a look at other questions in our Topic of "Mental Preparation" on the right hand side of the Ask the Coach Page..  We will be sorting all our previous Ask the Coach Questions into categories and Mental Preparation is on of the Topics.


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