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Geoff  Garrett

Geoff Garrett Asked 1 year ago

Hi Alois

Just as you said in your video, as a predominantly backhand player I’m better close up to the table and when my opponent hits with pace.

So, when my opponent does what you advise (!) and slows the pace down I struggle…We tend to get into long rallies playing ping-pong not table tennis! I struggle to finish the point off and generate enough pace.

I have long pips on my backhand which helps considerably with control but makes hitting  (fast) top spins difficult.

Any suggestions?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago

Hi Geoff,

I think the first thing is to be patient with the rallies.  They are relying on you giving them a weaker ball or making a mistake.  Try to keep the quality off the balls that you are playing, keeping the ball low and to good (difficult) positions on the table.

Think about placements that will allow you to stay more on your backhand side.  Usually this means playing to more to their backhand side for a right hander or manoeuvring the ball around to their backhand area in the rally.

Try to outlast them in the rally.  You can play with more consistency and force them into a mistake.

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