Table tennis rules

Table Tennis Rules

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Kamran Ali

Kamran Ali Asked 9 years ago

I want to ask about rules of table tennis there are some questions:

1) If the racket touches the table during the play is it a foul or not?

2) if the serve touches the side corner of the table so is it correct ?

3) Can we touch the table with our free hand to play the ball which is to close to the net?

Plz answer these questions ... THnkzzz

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Kamran,

Let me answer them in order.

The only thing that isn't allowed to touch the table is your free hand.  So if the racket touches the table that is fine.

If the ball during a serve touches the edge of the table this is still considered to be in.

The third one is also answered above.  So you would lose the point if your free hand touches the table.  But if the ball is close to the net you can run around to the side of the table to reach it.

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