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Brian Gibson

Brian Gibson Asked 10 years ago

Dear Alois or Jeff,

I saw a YouTube video where Ma Long won the Dubai Classic (can't remember the year,but definitely during the past three years). The tournament featured  nearly all of the top players in the world. He received an oversized check for $15,000 American dollars. I play table tennis for the love of the sport as I'm sure all of the PingSkills members do. However, just out of curiosity, how much do the elite pros (let's say the top 10 in the world) make, on average, in a year with prize money and endorsements? It's fine if you're not sure, I just thought it might be interesting.

Thank You,


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Brian,

They certainly aren't making the same as the tennis players.  I am not sure of the figures.  Others may know.  But as you can see the $15,000 prizemoney doesn't really compare does it.

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Julio Torres

Julio Torres Posted 10 years ago

if i'm not wrong there is a cellphones enterprise that sponsorship Wang Liqin time ago by around 3 millions, because of a poster where wang was with a cellphones-.....

Wang liqin is the richest player

Galen Corvan- Hughes

Galen Corvan- Hughes Posted 10 years ago

The average player earns around $100,000 dollars each year and that is if you are number one. Might not seem like much but It would sure get me a few rackets.:)

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