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mihir lanjewar

mihir lanjewar Asked 8 years ago

Hi ! i am in 9th standard now and i am having lots of pressure of studying . that's why i am not able to join a t.t. academy. i am having enough time ! though i have table tennis table at my home but nobody at my home has time to play with me  I generally practice  forehand and backhand counter-strike against the wall and also practice serving. But the problem is that i am not able to practice other shots and generally due to top spin on the ball the ball does not return to the table and fly off above me! What should i do to improve my game at home alone?

thank you

mihir lanjewar

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Mihir,

It is difficult to get perfect practice if you don’t have a partner.  I think what you are doing is good, to practice your serves and hitting against the wall.  Keep it up and see when you can get opportunities to do some practice with another person.

You could also see if you could find someone to feed you multiball.  They don’t have to be a good player.  Just take a look at the lessons on Multiball for some ideas.

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