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raees zakkir

raees zakkir Asked 8 years ago

Hi Sir,

Can u please tell me the advantages of table tennis.  Like in football when you run with the ball it helps your legs to run fast  and a healthy body.  Just like these are advantages of playing football  are there any advantages of playing Table Tennis?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Raees,

Good question.

I will start the list but I am sure our readers will add to it.

Improve Reflexes

Keeps brain active

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Jesus Calle

Jesus Calle Posted 8 years ago

Improve Attention. Mental focus.

Training could be very phisical (for fitness)

Deepjyoti Poddar

Deepjyoti Poddar Posted 8 years ago

Also improves eye contact

Kon Konidaris

Kon Konidaris Posted 8 years ago

Table tennis benefits us in many ways.

Already listed are benefits to:


Brain Activity,


Mental focus,

Potentially very physical, &

Eye Contact


I would like to add that it is a beneficial aerobic exercise that can be played by people of all ages as it is less physically demanding than tennis, squash and badminton and gentler on the joints (one of the reasons I have switched from playing tennis is the fact that I am now living with rheumatoid arthritis). 

You also only need an available table, bats, a ball and a hitting partner; so overall it is a cheap sport to pursue (even when you get to the point of paying for premium equipment it is still cheaper than golf, and just as cheap as tennis and other racquet-sports).

It is also beneficial to hand eye coordination (although some of the previous comments hint towards this).

Dalton Cook

Dalton Cook Posted 8 years ago

The benefits of table tennis are many, especially as you become more experienced. 

The biggest thing I see that you get out of table tennis is improved reaction time.  It's such a fast-paced sport that you always have to be on your toes.  And as you progress that reaction time improves more and more.  I've found myself being able to catch falling objects, and react in general, more quickly because of my improved reflexes.  It also gives you better eye-hand coordination, and really better coordination of your body in general.  As you practice the different strokes, you learn how to control the different muscles in your body to focus their strength to one specific point, and of course your ability to have those slight, "touches"  increase because of the increased ability of your eye-hand coordination. 

Very important to note though, that you can only see these benefits if you really work hard at it and keep improving your skill.

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