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Noah Clayborne

Noah Clayborne Asked 5 years ago

Alois I notice that Japanese penhold players can switch to their forehand very fast in their backhand corner during a rally! Ri Chol Guk and Ryu Seung Min can do this! How do they know when to punch in their backhand corner and when to use their forehand in the backhand corner during a rally? How can I get good at using my forehand in the backhand corner and how to decide when to use the forehand or the punch during a rally?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Noah,

They get good at the pivot forehand usually out of necessity because the backhand is a more difficult shot.

They practice their footwork a lot and practice that movement around the corner.

In training get your partner to play anywhere in your backhand half of the table and then decide on each ball whether you are going to play the backhand or forehand.  Make it a competitive drill so that you get the feeling of a match.

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