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Daniel Olsson

Daniel Olsson Asked 6 years ago


This might not be really a table tennis-question per se, but for me it mostly happens as I practice TT, so maybe someone has an answer.

When I train for longer periods of time, 1,5-2 hours or more, I start to sweat a lot. To the point where I feel a bit embarrassed with the marks it leaves. Not so much on my upper body, but rather my 'behind'. I feel a bit uncomfortable asking it, but is there a good work-around for this problem?

I play using regular semi-loose sweatpants, so maybe shorts would work better, or a more "absorbant" or water-resistant material, either the pants or  underneath the pants? Anyone else with this rather awkward issue?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Daniel,

Let's get it out therefor some ideas. It is just part of playing sport. wouldn't worry about it too much.

The only suggestion have is black shorts are best.

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Romeo Chua

Romeo Chua Posted 6 years ago

You can hang a long towel on your back that reaches that spot to absorb some of the sweat

Mark Jung

Mark Jung Posted 6 years ago

It's because you're using sweatpants. Ever wonder why they're called that?

Workout gear made from modern materials will actually wick sweat away. It's actually pretty amazing; you'll have a drenched head and dry body. Just pick up some running shorts and shirts, they're designed to make sweat a non-issue without hampering mobility. (Don't forget to pick up athletic underwear too!)

Daniel Olsson

Daniel Olsson Posted 6 years ago


I thought sweatpants were made for sweating in, but I suppose it sounds logical that they are absorbant, rather than resistant.

I have a pair of "generic sports shorts", which are not that "wooly", so maybe those will work better. Trying those out tomorrow. I'll be sure to get a couple of pairs of athletic underwear as well.



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