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Ashley Duns

Ashley Duns Asked 3 years ago

Hi PingSkillers. 

Just a bit of background first. 

I'm a 37 year old who's played tennis most of my life. After 3 knee surgeries, I'm bringing my game to the table. I just finished my first season of competition. It's only a local country comp. I guess because of my tennis background, they put me in A-Grade, and I ended up winning the grand final. 

But I've been using a hardbat. Stiga AllAround Classic with Dr Evil. I like it because I don't really have to worry about spin, and can just hit hard and move my opponents around. But I feel it'll limit how good  I can get. 

So next season, I'm swapping to sponge. My basic question are: 

- What bat should I start with? I've got a Yasaka Extra Gatien 3D that someone gave me, and I'm thinking about putting Sriver (1.9mm FH and 1.7mm backhand) on that. Would that be ok? 

- What is the best way to start learning to deal with spin and how long does it usually take? 

- I'm VERY aggressive in terms of the way I play at the moment. Will I have to back off a bit with sponge?

- Any other advice? 

Love PingSkills and just signed up for Premium Membership. 

Thanks, Ashley

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Ashley,

Good questions.  Firstly the bat you have selected is a good starter.  It will allow you to develop your strokes.

The first thing now is to work on the strokes that we have in the Strokes and Techniques.  Work on getting the topspin on the strokes and getting the topspin techniques perfect.  Try to play slowly... for an aggressive player this may take a little bit of restraint.

The next things will be to learn to combat spin.  It sounds like you will cope with this if you allow yourself a little time and you have some patience.

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