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Patrick blenzon

Patrick blenzon Asked 10 years ago

Hey dear pingskills team!!

Im probably one of the best player of my club at training, at friendly matches, but in real competition, i can be the best in one set or at the beginning of the sets, but i very often lose all my means, when crucial moments arrive, especially when the opponents are a bit lucky. I always have in my mind the idea that i'll get being unlucky, that i will lose even when i am playing really better technically than my opponent!! I don't understand how my nerves could be so "fragile", and how i can suddenly lose all my means even when im leading the game!!

Can you give me some ideas and tips to fight against that negative stress, against the fact to lose my nerves so easily? Do you know exercises that can help in this crucial domain of table tennis?

I mean mental exercises, physical exercises or even table tennis exercises which could give me more confidence in myself?

Thanks a lot, i love your great knowledge in table tennis, and especially your way to explain the things, natural and simple but so well

(Sorry for my poor english im french!!)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Patrick,

Firstly understand you are not alone in this.  In fact every player feels a little what you are feeling at some stage.

One simple thing that you can do is that when you start to recognise that you are starting to feels stressed, take a few seconds to take a good deep breath.  It needs to be a nice long breath.  During this time, focus on your breath as best as you can, with the inhale and exhale. This can take about 10 seconds which is enough time for you to do this between points.

After the breath focus on what your tactic needs to be for the next point, so where you are going to serve or return the ball.

Just try this simple method first and see how you go.  Understand also that you will get those feelings and that most players will feel them.  In fact your opponent at the time is probably feeling similar feelings.

There is also a lot more information in our Ask the Coach section if you look on the right sidebar under the topic of Mental Preparation.

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