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Hi Alois & Jeff,

Hope you are well. I shall remain ever grateful to you for helping me to improve my table tennis abilities. Your tutorials helped me a lot, a lot. I respectfully regard you as my coaches.

As per your guided ways, I am trying to play the strokes properly. Its a pleasure to discover this amazing sport in a new amazing way.

I have found a place to practice nearby where I visit almost everyday when returning from office. But the problem is, when I go, there is only one guy present to practice with and he is not properly trained. For example, he can't block the balls constantly when I am practicing topspin. So, eventually we end up playing games.

However, he manages to put the balls on table in awkward ways alongwith placing tendencies.  Especially when he pushes deep crosscourt with heavy backspin I find it difficult to get into the position, especially feet to hit a backhand topspin. So, I end up pushing it long and weak and find him in a ready position to hit a forehand crosscourt. So, please suggest a solution.

And the most important thing is, whether should I practice with such kind of player everyday especially when I am trying to learn the strokes properly or I search for such a place where I get trained person to give me practice, although in that case I can get the chance to play only once or twice in a week because of time adjustments as I am an office guy.

Your valuable suggestions awaited...

Thanks & Regards and lots of


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Subhrajyoti,

Thanks for your kind words about the site.

When your partner pushes the ball deep to your backhand focus on either pushing the ball back deep to a difficult position.  Often in this situation, if you push the ball back down the line it will throw your opponent off guard.  They tend to expect the ball back cross court and will automatically pivot and play a forehand from there.

Ultimately you want to develop your backhand topspin so that you can put yourself into an attacking position.

Regarding practice, if you can find a place to be trained then try to use it for a while to establish good technique.

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Thanks Alois,

It just worked great.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 5 years ago

Great to hear.

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