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Gaetano  Romagnuolo

Gaetano Romagnuolo Asked 7 months ago

Dear Alois and Jeff,

I hope you’re both well in these particularly difficult times.

Before my question, I wanted to thank you for the great teaching material on PingSkills; I have a full membership, and my 10 year-old son Luca and myself are getting so much out of it. Luca and I also joined a table tennis club as you suggested, and Luca in particular is making good progress. The Chairman of the club recently told me that, with some more coaching and practice, Luca will be able to play at the national junior level here in England. To a great extent the merit is yours.

Now the question for Alois. Alois, I’m a left-handed player like yourself. Out of your knowledge and experience, what strategies would you advise left-handed players to use, for example when serving, attacking and defending against right-handed players?

Grazie mille!


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 months ago

Hi Gaetano,

Thanks firstly for your very kind words about the site.  Well done to you and to Luca and taking the step to join a club and get involved in the game.

For us lefties there aren't any real secrets.  I think your biggest advantage comes because there aren't as many of us and when a right hander plays a left hander is is just a little different.

One thing that I think you can exploit a little is to use your Backhand to place the ball out wide to a right handers forehand corner.  Also think about utilising serves that work different angles than the right hander is used to.

Take care and I look forward to hearing more about both of your progress.

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Gaetano  Romagnuolo

Gaetano Romagnuolo Posted 7 months ago

That’s great, thank you for your advice, Alois. 

We wish you and Jeff, and your families, a Merry Christmas and a Happy, and Safe, 2022. 

Luca and Gaetano

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 7 months ago

Thank you for your kind wishes Gaetano. 

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