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eugene lu

eugene lu Asked 5 years ago

Hi alois,

I've played with a couple of players who uses the short topspin serve with great effect. It is not terribly difficult to return but it's extremely difficult to stop that player from attacking. Since its a topspin serve, short pushing is out of the question. The ball will just tend to float high and that makes it even easier to attack. I tried to take the initiative to make the first attack by flicking. But this seems like suicide because If I flick, he will counter attack me with his ferocious forehand and backhand topspins. So what can I do against such players?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Eugene,

You can push the short topspin serve.  It takes a bit of touch but it is possible. You need to come down on the ball with the stroke.  It can be effective because you can generate good backspin on the ball.

The next option is to improve your flick.  You can focus on getting more speed but also think about your placement.  The middle can be a good option when you flick fast.

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