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Bman 489 Unknown

Bman 489 Unknown

Last updated on 10-Mar-2009 10:00:30 AM

how are Stiga 3 star balls? Better than Sportscraft 3 star balls? Are they for intermediate players? How many slams and matches can it survive? Are they great for practicing and training?

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Alois Rosario

and Alois Rosario said...


I htink Stiga 3 Star are better than Sportscraft balls.

As to how many slams they can survive that is an interesting question.  I suppose it depends on how hard you are hitting the ball and also whether it hits a brick wall at the end or a wooden floor.

I find concrete and brick walls do a lot of damage to the ball.

You don't necessarily need a 3 Star ball for training.  I use the Yasaka Training Ball and find them very good.

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