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Abhinav Raje

Abhinav Raje Asked 14 years ago

i would like thank you for informative videos. IT has really hepled to improve my game especially the topspin.

I would like to ask you how to return the side spin serve on the forhand and backhand. Whenever i try to block the serve it goes outside the table after touching on my racket.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 14 years ago

Hi Abhinav,

The main idea with returning sidespin serves is to use your bat like a rudder.  Don't try to spin the ball back, but rather angle the bat so that the ball goes back onto the table. 

If you try to spin the ball back it all gets a bit messy and difficult.  Keep things simple.  If the ball is going off to the right, just angle your bat to point to the left.  Let the ball hit your bat now and see where it goes.  It should go a little straighter towards the table if you have the angle right.  If not keep adjusting your angle. 

Of course in a game situation it is a little late to be doing this.  That is why you need to find lots of different players to practice with so that you get a variety of serves to face and so you get used to all sorts of spins.

Remember this is a slow process.  Be patient, if you can... 

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dadyanke Unknown

dadyanke Unknown Posted 12 years ago


I am happy that i m much improving my game by using ur site. i wanna ask if the side spin serve is very fast then how to deal with the side spin as well as fast serve??it is the toughest part of T.T 4 me. though i m myself very good at fast side spin, but if i m doing it i must know myself how to deal with it effectively. THANX.(i cannot use your \'ask the coach\' facility so please let us use that as soon as possible.)

andrew brand

andrew brand Posted 12 years ago

i suggest as a start just playing a block, angling your bat to counter the top and side spin on the ball. if its moving fast it probably has more top and less sidespin, the really spinny sidespin tends to slow down the forward movement of the ball and will be curving in flight slightly.  take it quite early just after the bounce about net height.

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