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Andre Panesa

Andre Panesa Asked 7 years ago

I have been playing table tennis for 4 years now and I want to begin to play in tournament play. There's a tournament in 2 months and it's a regional qualifier.  Should I sign up for it or do I still need more time to practise or should I aim for a tournament that's less ambitious? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Andre,

Go for it!  I think it is good to play tournaments and see what else is out there.

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Thoughts on this question


D K Posted 7 years ago

Four years? :D
I played my first tournament after 2 months of training

But I do not mock you.

I am attending tournaments for nearly four years and I never won a single match

Dakota Castleberg

Dakota Castleberg Posted 7 years ago

DK, what is your ranking? USATT ranking or other?


D K Posted 7 years ago

I do not know

In fact,I do not know how to find it out


D K Posted 7 years ago

I only know that I am the last in the ranking of my town

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