Should a left-hander play as a defender

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Le Nguyen Hoai

Le Nguyen Hoai Asked 5 years ago

I'm a left-handed and I'm very interested in defense style.

I don't know why all the defenders (at world class) are right-handed.

Is it disadvantaged to be a defender if you are a left-handed?

Thank you very much.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Le,

I think it is good for a left hander to become a defender.  It adds another level of complexity to your opponent.

I think the only reason that there aren't many is that they are a small subset.  There aren't many left handers and there aren't many defenders so therefore there are even less left handed defenders.

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Le Nguyen Hoai

Le Nguyen Hoai Posted 5 years ago

Thank you very much for quick response.

It makes me feel more confident in defense style.

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