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Shubham Gupta

Shubham Gupta Asked 12 years ago

I have a problem against short serve.I always try to hit the ball and sometimes it is right and sometimes wrong.  I have a problem against returning short serve at forehand.  What is the Best thing that i can do?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Shubham,

Firstly you need to make sure you are in a good position with your feet.  Move your right foot (right handers) in close to the net under the table. This will allow you to get close to the ball.  I also like to think about getting my nose close to the ball for this shot.  That enables you to get more control.

Then the first shot option is a short push.  If they have served with backspin, this is the best option.  Use just your fingers and wrist to control the ball back short on the other side.

Another option is a long push.  You need to be aware that if you push the ball back long, it needs to be to a good position otherwise the other player will attack the ball and you will be in a bad position in the rally.

The other option is a flick.  If they have served with sidespin or topspin, this is an option for you.  Again the flick needs to be effective.  So it needs to be fast or placed well otherwise it will open up the rally for your opponent.

These are covered in greater detail in our latest DVD,  Receiving Secrets Revealed.

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