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Ben Williams

Ben Williams Asked 8 years ago


After watching Jiang Jialiang and Hyun Jung Hwa and being impressed, I have made the switch to short pips to further my penhold counter attacking style (I've been playing with pimples for about 5 months now).

However, my serves have never been too spinny and it is even harder to generate spin with the pimple rubber. I do not twiddle as I play with the Cork grip handle on one side.

I notice players like Lee Eun Hee and Shan Xiaona throw the ball up very high when they serve to achieve spin and puzzle opponent. How can I practise this and what techniques can I use to make the most out of my service as a penhold short pips quick attack player.

Ps: I also have trouble returning reverse pendulum serves for some reason (it pings off) and it gives away easy points and keeps my rating down :(  Can I counteract this strongly with the pips in some way to win more matches?

Look forward to your response,





Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Ben,

Interesting switch to the pimples.

To generate more spin you can try the high toss serve.  You can still generate enough spin to trouble opponents with the short pimples.  Then think also about the variation with the amount of spin.  If you change between the most spin you can generate and sightly less this will trouble opponents.

For the return of serve, think about hitting the ball more crisply.  You can use a flik stroke as well.  The short pimples will help you to counteract the spin naturally because it tends to deaden the spin on the ball.

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Ben Williams

Ben Williams Posted 8 years ago

Thankyou for the response,

Either from a player experience or your own do you know any techniques to help with the delivery and consistemcy of the high toss serve and differences between that and the average toss serve. Also what should I be ensuring to get 'maximum spin' on the ball?

On the second point, can you clarify if by saying crisp you mean a more solid or less hesitant contact on the ball? Should I be hitting up or down or angling the bat in a certain way or commiting to the ball more by putting a lot of waist/wrist into the shot?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 8 years ago

Hi Ben,

For consistency of the High Toss the first thing to focus on is the throw.  Getting, it straight and also consistently landing in the same position so that you can swing freely.  For maximum spin, then you need to swing fast and brush the ball the sam way as you would with inverted rubber.

‘Crisp’, yes sorry, just my jargon… Meaning flat quick hit with the ball staying on the rubber for a very short time.

Ben Williams

Ben Williams Posted 8 years ago

I will try in practice. 

Ilia Minkin

Ilia Minkin Posted 8 years ago

>I notice players like Lee Eun Hee and Shan Xiaona throw the ball up very high when they serve to achieve spin and puzzle opponent. 

I really enjoy Shan Xiaona's game, it is very nice that this old school style is still alive at the top level!

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