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Samuel Lim

Samuel Lim Asked 2 years ago

Ive seen that bats have different shakehand handle types, such as straight, flared and anatomic... I was wondering what each handle would be good for? or if they served a specific purpose

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Samuel,

 It is only a matter of what feels comfortable in your hand. It is best if you put one in your hand and see what you like. 

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D K Posted 2 years ago

There are three basic shakehand handles.
As far as I read,the original purpose looks like this:

Flared handle,FL,is rather suitable for forehand oriented and looping oriented players. These blades tend to be more head-heavy and support mid-range offense.

Straight handle,ST,is rather suitable for control oriented players,such as defenders or universal players who have more backhand in their play and switch wings a lot. This blade tends to be very stable and its weight is distributed more in the handle. The round straight handle is greatest for twiddling (square straight also exists but it is rare).

Anatomic handle,AN,is most suited for high risk players,majorly using flat strokes. Fits well deep inside the hand,is often shorter than other handles. This limits its potential during spinny strokes as the entire bat is "shorter".

Especially if you have some more extreme style,or if you are very sensitive to the bat feeling,it is worth trying. I will also change from FL to ST soon.

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