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Robert Day Unknown

Robert Day Unknown Asked 13 years ago

Some good stuff going on here!

I am a table tennis coach and we all know how hard it is to develop minimal contact with the ball during the serving action and how serving becomes very unique to the individual. Have you got any DVD's that cover advanced retrieval? - the push stroke is easy to teach, on the other hand looping against heavy spin very difficult. At a higher level I would like to make it easier to explain to pupils what bat angle to adopt given different spins (if they can decipher the serve that is being delivered). Most of the time, the retrieval is learnt by default rather than detailed explanation. Also... Do you take payments from the UK - Visa Debit?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Robert,

Unfortunately we don't have a DVD on retrieval as yet.

I think receiving is a lot of trial and error unfortunately because of the subtlety of differences in spin. I think the basic principles can be taught however.

I think the feedback they get from the doing of receiving is the best teacher. That is if the ball goes off to the right they need to angle the bat more towards the left and so on.

Some of the principles I would stress are:

Keep the bat loose in your hand and your hand as relaxed as possible.
Do not try to do too much with the return.  Pus h the ball back and use your bat like a rudder to steer the ball back.
Watch the return even if it misses so that you can learn fully what is happening to the ball.

You can pay through Paypal through our website Store.  We can take payments from anywhere in the world and have had a lot of orders from the UK.  Let us know if you have any difficulties with this.

Thanks for your interest in our site. 

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