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David B

David B Asked 11 years ago

I'm a beginner/intermediate player who has spent a lot of time trying to develop a good double bounce serve, but have come to realize this may be the wrong tactic for my opponents.  Doing some research it seems as if other players recommend fast serves with lots of spin. To me fast means less spin.  Anyway they caution that this tactic would become a liability against higher quality players.  This is the kind of stuff I'm looking for.  Maybe its winning ugly, but it is better than losing.

What are the best serving tactics for beginner to intermediate level players?  In terms of placement, speed, type of spin?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi David,

This is an interesting point.

To win at your level at the moment the answer si probably to do fast long serves with a lot of spin.  Long and fast doesn't necessarily mean no spin.  It is possible to generate a lot of spin when you are serving fast and long.  Just get a good contact and swing through really fast.

Your advice is correct.  As you get up in the levels you will find that this tactic will no longer work.  It is a matter of whether your opponent had a strong attacking topspin.  If they have, they will be able to attack the serve and put you on the defensive.  If they don't, then you will get a weak return that you will be able to attack. 

So for now, use the lang spin serves if you are looking at winning today.  If you are looking at improving for the future, work more on your short serves with a lot of spin.  This focus may change from match to match.

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