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Sean Maynard

Sean Maynard Asked 6 years ago

I have a stance question about serving and the toss.  I have noticed that a LOT of the pros toss the ball up and into themselves.  One what are the advantages of that as opposed to out a bit from the body? Secondly it's hard to get a good view of what their stance does during this I am somewhat short and tossing it into myself I find myself leaning back a bit and that puts me slightly off balance to get into a good stance.  What is the proper way to handle this and get the most effective serve?  Sorry for the long delay off the site I have been practicing but my club is down for the summer due to no A/C and temps reaching over 100 F about 40 C ;) and I have been on vacation.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Sean,

Although technically illegal you will find that most players do toss the ball towards themselves during service.

It adds a little speed to the ball which makes you able to generate more spin.  Hitting the ball from closer also allows you to control the ball better and swing through with your wrist more effectively.

Get yourself set up with a good balanced stance and stay stable while you are hitting the ball.  Have your feet quite wide apart.  You will also need to practice throwing the ball up so that it falls in the correct position so that you don't have to move.

I have heard of the high temperatures.  At the moment we are in Winter so would like a little bit of heat but not 40 C.

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Sean Maynard

Sean Maynard Posted 6 years ago

I have read in other places that the term "near vertically" is... a bit vague.  I was practicing tonight before reading this and I noticed exactly what you said  the closer it is to an extent.  It seems the optimum distance is about 6 to 10 inches from the body.  I also noticed by varying the distance you can vary your point of aim for your serve.  I also noticed the ease of using your wrist more  and how much more effective that is over big drastic arm movements.  Definitely excellent advice as always  I will work on the wider stance.  I have noticed some of the better players do have a somewhat (to me anyway) awkwardly wide stance for service.  I am a little too upright in my play.  Also about the 40 C  I can look on the bright side...not too distant in the future I will be somewhere it's not uncommon for temps to approach 60 C ;)  I am sooo excited lol.

Rene van der Kleij

Rene van der Kleij Posted 6 years ago

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