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Debayan Paul

Debayan Paul Asked 5 years ago

Hi, I generally play doubles in Table Tennis and during service return, I use backhand sidespin flick(Fan Zhendong one) or backhand topspin against backspin to return the ball, which is quite effective against the opponents in my level. But it is difficult for me to return a serve which is either very fast and long near the line or have a high amount of topspin on that. I try to anticipate this kind of serve seeing opponent's motion, then play a defensive chop in backhand or a simple push switching on the forehand side, but this method has less accuracy or effectiveness. Can you tell a way so that I can play or at least return a ball properly with topspin/high speed long using backhand sidespin flick technique?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Debayan,

When the ball is long you don't need to use the Backhand sidespin flick.  You can play a straight topspin or block return.

The reason you use a sidespin flick is if the ball is short with backspin and is difficult to topspin.  When the ball is long you can play a much more effective stroke by just using the topspin.

You don't need to do too much with the return stroke.  Use the speed that is already on the bat and return it back to the serving team.

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