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Ahtesham Ghauri

Ahtesham Ghauri Asked 11 years ago

Hi, Coach

I'm very good in serving and rallies but my weekpoint is Service return. I wana ask how to return a backspin serve a top spin serve a side spin serve and a underspin serve.

You taught me that a back spin serve returns with push, so what about sidespin, topspin and underspin


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi BR,

Service return s a difficult part of the game.  It is something that needs a lot of time to really get better.  You need to understand some key principles first to get a good grounding in returning serve.

For sidespin returns you need to determine whether they have a little backspin on topspin with them as most of them will.  If they have a little topspin then it is best to use the Forehand Flick or Backhand Flick strokes to return.

If they have backspin then a push is the best answer.  Because they have sidespin you will need to adjust the angle of your bat to steer the ball bask straight.  In our DVD Receiving Secrets Revealed, we go through the principles carefully and show you how to learn to return serves.

Just a note, underspin is the same as backspin, just a different name. 

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Ahtesham Ghauri

Ahtesham Ghauri Posted 11 years ago

Hi, Coach

Thax a lot for your worthy answer, this tip will be very beneficial for me. Dear coach my name is not BR, i abbreviate to Best Regards.

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